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"Let us help you to create a memory that will last a lifetime"

Briefly, you may wish to know the following about us: White Doves of Lancashire was founded to provide white dove releases for all of your special occasions, in and around the Lancashire area.  We have over 60 years' experience in the care of and the husbandry of birds and we are totally dedicated to their welfare.

Countless hours are spent attending to and training our Doves.  Our precious Doves are healthy, well nurtured and well trained.  We are members of The Royal Pigeon Racing Association, Loft Number NW 1745.

Our founder, Tony, was born into a family of "birdmen" and homing pigeon men.  By the age of fifteen, (the earliest age you were allowed to enrol into a homing society in those days), he had won his first major trophy, (see photo) many more were to follow.  

Birds were Tony's passion and he was well-known and respected within the homing world for his wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of birds. His expertise in bird husbandry was second to none.  So much so in fact that in the early 1980's, he was invited to apply for the position of Loft Manager to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Patron of The Royal Pigeon Racing Association.

Whilst we are aware that we aren't the largest dove release company, we like to think that we are - probably - the best!  And we know you will agree that BIGGEST does not always mean best!  Our promise to you, our customer, is that we are totally focused on providing you with a beautiful experience for your special event.   It is our policy to take only ONE booking per day, thus ensuring that only YOUR ceremony or event has our undivided attention.

And - unlike some companies who may offer to match, or beat our prices - as much as we would love your custom - sorry, we just don't do that - the simple truth is, we don't need to.  We are confident that our prices represent excellent value to begin with!  We have been complimented so many times on our presentation and displays, that we would ask you to judge for yourself by comparing other sites.

Playtime at the loft!   

Our release area is mainly in the Lancashire region - if you are outside this area, we may still be able to help you - please contact us.

              Telephone 01254 200055 or email: Tony@WhiteDovesofLancashire.co.uk