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For centuries White Doves have symbolised Love, Peace and Hope

Just as there is a time for dance and a time for laughter, there is also a time to mourn and a time to remember. It is at these times that we can help to ease the sorrow, with a beautiful and uplifting passage followed by a release of pure white doves.

The Doves, symbolic of the Spirit of the dearly departed and of the Angels that will escort him home. The Doves, in all their purity, flying up toward the heavens...

                     "My loved ones do not cry

                            And worry of me

                                   For like the Dove

                                       I have been set free"

The symbolism of the White Dove being released from what holds it to earth and soaring free up into the heavens, reminds us that our loved one's spirit has truly been released. 

The feeling of loss is balanced with a sense of peace and hope as the white doves soar skywards and fly away.  The Doves will circle and the flock will make certain each of their own is with them as they begin their journey  home. Our White Doves express what words simply cannot.

The Spirit Dove Release
A single snow White Dove is released in a symbolic tribute to your loved one at the conclusion of the graveside or memorial service. Usually, the Dove is released directly from a basket.  Family and friends step forward, gathering around the single dove.

The Trinity Release
Three Doves symbolizing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are released, followed momentarily by a single Dove representing the spirit of your loved one. The single Dove will usually join the three Doves in formation and they will fly home together.

The Final Journey Home
A single Dove is released by a family member.  Momentarily, a flock of White Doves are set free to join the single Dove in flight. The single Dove signifies the soul of the departed and the flock symbolizes the spirits of those loved ones who have passed before, welcoming and showing the departed soul the way home.

We care about our community and whilst it is our hope that you never need us for the following occasions, if our doves are available, White Doves of Lancashire offer, without charge within our flying area, a white dove release in honour of military personnel, police officers and firefighters, who lose their life in the line of duty.                                                                                                             

Mr David Adams, Co-op Funeral Services, with memorial chapel and a single dove basket.

                    Telephone 01254 200055 or email: Tony@WhiteDovesofLancashire.co.uk