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From White Doves of Lancashire - The White Dove

The Universal Symbol of Love and Peace

Since the beginning of recorded history, white doves have been a symbol of love, peace, hope and faith.  It is believed that if a bride and groom see a white dove on their wedding day, it is a symbol of good luck, and good fortune will last throughout their marriage.

Weddings are our speciality and we have a wide selection of packages available for you.  Because we realise that, no two weddings (or events) are alike, we welcome the opportunity to customise a release package that fits your desires and your budget.  We work with you to ensure the desired effect is achieved. There are numerous ways to release the Doves, e.g. decorated baskets, ornate cages, or by hand.  The sky really is the limit!

Our Dove releases are totally customisable and we encourage your input.


On the following pages you will find just a few ideas for you to work with - please be as creative as you wish!                                                                            

Children simply love our gentle, calm doves!

             Telephone 01254 200055 or email: Tony@WhiteDovesofLancashire.co.uk